Notes On A Blog

By SuperSpy 

Okay… so we’ve made the jump to Mother Bistro and we’ve gotten some notes and we have some news.

1. Please note that we finally have an anonymous tip box. So use it!

2. We hear you… You want the full article in your RSS feeds and we totally agree. Working on it.


3. Yes, there’s more junk to the right of the articles, but come on guys… you work in advertising.

4. We’ll keep the section “No Wukkas” going per your requests. Glad you like it!

5. Keep in touch, yeah? Let us know what you love and hate – always.

6. Comments… All of Mother Bistro is upgrading to allow comments. In the mean time, just like the other blogs in the family, if you want to make a comment, just drop it in the tip box and we’ll add it to the post. Yes, it sucks and we’re not happy about it (more work for us????), but until things change, we’ll happily help your voice be heard.

Thanks so much!