Note To The Gap: Advertising Is Not A Magic Bullet

By SuperSpy 

If you recall, awhile ago, we asked you why you hated The Gap. And boy, you have a litany of reasons that we can’t argue with from pricing, to quality, to their ads and the poor kids locked in warehouses grinding out chinos. Here’s another reason – The Gap’s spring advertising campaign is to feature top models such as Anja Rubik, Coco Rocha, Julia Stegner, Behati Prinsloo, et al.

Beautiful girls, but check out their weird expressions ranging from surprised to down right sullen. Plus, you can get all this stuff featured in the ads at American Eagle for half the price or J. Crew with twice the quality. Really… Tell us. Are these ads going to make you sail back into their stores?


Meanwhile, the brand is also engaged in pairing music with their clothing in an online venue called the Sound Of Color, which totally makes sense for Benetton. Oh, wait. We’re talking about The Gap. Um, err… The company gave musicians such as Swizz Beatz and The Blakes a color and had them develop songs. They were then paired with a director. Oh shit! This is the Adicolor and or, Adidas Major League Soccer campaigns all over again. Yawn.

Note to The Gap: fix your brand. Get an identity. Get a strong design sense again. Stop enslaving small children. Figure out your price point and stop letting kid sister, Old Navy, cannibalize your market. Focus on quality and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be alright. Advertising is not a magic bullet. Idiots.