Note to Nina DiSesa and “people” of her ilk…

By OnDownLow 

Now as we all know, Nina hates the bloggers… while maintaining her own blog (irony could kill us all!) but if nothing else, the assholes that work at the senior levels of management of ad & marketing agencies need to be put in check every so often — and blogs are a perfect place for us to start with that process.

Today’s call out — Mr. Owen J. Dougherty — with the ubiquitous title of “Chief Communications Officer” at the Grey Group in New York.


We published a story just over a month ago that mentioned that Stephen Ward had left Grey Atlanta for the greener pastures of Arnold in Boston to work on the Volvo account.

Owen dispatched us a quick e-mail that afternoon to let us know that it was not true and to remove the story — which we did within an hour of getting the request.

Well it turns out today, wouldn’t you know, Grey Atlanta named a new President — replacing who else — the aforementioned Stephen Ward. Replacing a president of a networked agency doesn’t happen in a short period of time — so essential the piece that was written & published at the time was true then as it was today.

Now, I know I called out another PR hack a while ago and you all had your say of how I got “played” at the time — well fuck it, retribution is mine… and the door swings both ways Owen. Thanks for being the inaugural member of the “PR Hack Asshole club.”