Norm Is Still the Colonel in W+K’s Latest for KFC

By Erik Oster 

You’d be excused for thinking you’ve seen this one before…

When last we checked in with W+K Portland’s campaign for KFC featuring Norm Macdonald as Colonel Sanders it was for a series of “Fryerside Chats.” Now the agency has released a pair of new spots featuring the Colonel riding a chicken on a merry-go-round. While the location may be new in “Merry Go Round,” the Colonel’s dialogue still seems to be limited to “I’m Colonel Sanders,” “Five dollar fill-ups” and “It’s finger-lickin’ good.” Okay, this time he does get in a self-referential “Who else would I be?” and a “All this fun is making feel like a new Colonel” but this campaign really needs to shake things up a bit somehow as these spots are all starting to blend together. A second spot, “Hey Look,” places Macdonald in the exact same situation with slightly different dialogue. Yawn.

Creative Directors: Eric Baldwin/Karl Lieberman
Copywriter: Jonathan Marshall
Art Director: Helen Rhodes
Producer: Jennie Lindstrom/Endy Hedman
Social Strategy: John Dempsey
Strategic Planning: Britton Taylor/Lizzie Hanner/Matt Hisamoto
Media/Comms Planning: Alex Barwick
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Business Affaires: Connery Obeng
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Head of Production: Ben Grylewicz

Production Company: Smith & Jones Films
Director: Ulf Johansson
Executive Producer: Philippa Smith
Line Producer: Justine Madero
Director of Photography: Andrejz Sekula

Editorial Company: Joint Editorial
Editor: Steve Sprinkel
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Post Executive Producer: Leslie Carthy


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