Nokia Rips on iPhone in ‘Hidden Camera’ Campaign

By Bob Marshall 

While Nokia and AT&T aren’t yet taking explicit credit for a new campaign codenamed “Operation Rolling Thunder,” some poking around on the part of shows that the above spot (which debuted during yesterday’s NBA broadcasts) and its companions are perhaps the handiwork of Butler, Shine, Stern and Partners, which is hyping Nokia’s Lumia 900 LTE smartphone prior to an April 8 launch.

The “hidden camera” spots depict one naysayer doubting the functionality of a poorly-censored iPhone, criticizing its fragility, inability to be used safely outside, and barrage of antenna issues. In fact, the above spot, “Fragile,” compares using the iPhone to taking maybe the worst investment advice of 2007 (though the iPhone will bankrupt you in other ways). Following the spots to “” leads users to a microsite featuring a countdown clock, all three videos from the campaign, and a teaser trailer featuring SNL alum Chris Parnell (perhaps best known to the kids as 30 Rock’s “Dr. Spaceman”). Is the iPhone actually the result of a half-assed beta test gone awry? Conspiracy theorists, rejoice!


As Daily Tech points out, it’s a bit surprising that AT&T is endorsing such a blatant attack on one of its top-selling products. Perhaps it’s a stroke of revenge for Apple giving Verizon and Sprint access to the iPhone. So, dear commenters, who’s your money on in the great “War Against iPhones,” Samsung or Nokia? Two more spots, including one mocking the late Steve Jobs’ “you’re holding it wrong” admonishment of 2010, after the jump.