No Wukkas: We Need an Intern (ugh)

By Matt Van Hoven 

The last time we posted this position we tried to make it clear that you have to be in college and able to receive credits if you want to be an intern here. Other than that, the only requirements are as follows:

&#151 Did we mention you have to be in college and able to receive credits as “payment”? There’s no hourly, stipend etc. Just college credit.


&#151 Don’t be faceless like current-but-leaving-soon intern ryan.

&#151 You don’t have to be an advertising major, a creative hopeful, a journalism major etc. Faceless intern Ryan is an Econ major/English minor. Just be able to get stuff done, mmk?

&#151 Send your resume, but honestly as an intern you won’t have anything to show for it so spend more time on the test.

&#151 You must be able to successfully complete our little test, which will be explained later.

&#151 We want you for like, 3 days a week, but that sh*t is negotiable. We swear, this is a legit, professional thing. No filing, ever. Coffee runs are not your job.

&#151 Your job will be explained in more detail if you get the interview. As an intern, expect to do any number of random things associated with running a blog, its video production department, et al.

&#151 You have to be easy going, super Web savvy (dare we say, super-duper?) meaning you know a bit of HTML and a little about what’s going on in advertising. If you’re reading this blog, you’re ahead of where Ryan was.

&#151 You must be able to come into the office and work. As for the interview, that can be worked out (say, if you’re not going to be here for another week or something).

&#151 You must be able to write: this is the test. Find some advertising-related story from anywhere (just not here) and put together a post, including either an image or a video. Make it 300-500 words and make it fun. If we don’t giggle at least once, you fail. Trust your gut.

&#151 Email agencyspy at gmail dot com with a PDF version of your story. We need someone asap and this kid Ralph Lee is already working on something, so hurry hurry!

Here’s some examples of what Ryan’s done while here.

&#151 Intern Insights: American Sports Leagues Consider Advertising on Jerseys (Plus Editor’s Notes)

&#151 Intern Insights: Wheaties Rebrands Towards Men (Uh, What?)

&#151 The Week in Advertising: Romance, Cheap Dates, MadMen v. MadAve and the “Sorry” of All Times

&#151 The Week in Advertising: Kids on the Juice, MadMen v. Mad Ave (Part 2) and a Fauxprosal

&#151 The Week in Advertising: Condoms, Orgasms and Ryan Hits the Streets

Good luck. And big apologies to Colin Murphy, current Campfire intern. We thought he’d for sure be our next intern but it didn’t work out. He wears bow ties and knows a sh*t ton, which would make him an awesome asset to pretty much any agency that gives-a-care (remember that phrase!?) about the futures. Hire him.