No Wukkas: The Job Hunt

By SuperSpy 

If you’re confused, get the definition of NO WUKKAS here.

1. Digitas – Production Manager, Boston MA


Okay, the Digitas job information page for this position is ridiculous. This is a prime example of what ails advertising agencies. Really… all this whoo-hoo and silly language. They’ve got five headers of qualifications.

a. Portfolio – 6 bullet points – Example: “Your portfolio contains a summary of any written feedback that you have received since your last review.”

b. Tactical – 10 bullet points – Example: “You understand paper and printing characteristics; and postal, print, letter shop regulations.”

c. Process – 2 bullet points – Example: “You are learning to provide additional value to print production and letter shop management.”

d. Relationships – 3 bullet points – Example: “You are seen as a valued member of the team; your input is highly regarded by art directors, etc.”

e. Intellectual Capital – 2 bullet points – Example: “If you have been identified as an expert in a skill that is important to the success of all at Digitas, you are actively working on intellectual capital that will allow you to pass that skill on to others.”

We’re tired already. If you still want it (hey, could be a resume builder), go apply here.

2. Google – Media Planner, Chicago, Illinois

“As a Media Planner, you’ll develop a deep understanding of the needs and mindset of advertisers and agencies in order to develop compelling media plans, advertising programs and sales materials. You’ll play a proactive role in identifying new Sales programs and advertising product opportunities to provide the Google Sales force with a robust set of offerings and also drive revenue. More specifically, you’ll develop media plans based on audience demographics and psychographics that cross-sell and bundle YouTube, the Content Network and other Google media products. This will require you to serve as a liaison with the YouTube product team in the conception and creation of new products and sponsorship opportunities, which includes developing points of view to help shape the new offerings and maximize revenue.”

For more information, see here.

3. Leo Burnett – Account Director, Chicago, Illinois

Demonstrates foresight to effectively anticipate threats to and opportunities in the client’s business. Works with client to define marketing objectives and creates a strategic plan using holistic communications to achieve those objectives. Develops ideas that drive topline growth and competitive advantage for the client and the agency. Builds trust and acts as an advisor for internal and external clients.

Get more info here.