No, AdAge Did Not Hire Matt Van hoven

By Matt Van Hoven 

Earlier today we fooled some folks (uh, you?) into thinking Advertising Age hired me as their new digital editor. This is not true, but a bunch of people were stoked about it. See here:

-“congrats on the @adage gig. now go be disruptive :)”
-“nice! congrats and good luck!”
-“Only in this economy would @adrants and @agencyspy’s announcements of working at @AdAge be a dark humor Aprils Fools.
-“Big congrats to @agencyspy. Hope he’s not April foolin us”
-“Congrats, Matt. Stay snarky.”

We took advantage of the fact that Abbey Klaassen, the former digital editor, hasn’t yet filled the position (that we’ve heard). Steve Hall got in on the gag, writing that he’s been hired to replace Bob Garfield as ad critic. Zing!


So yes, we got (some of) you. But in all seriousness, a big thanks to everyone who emailed, tweeted and called to show support. I’m not going anywhere. SuperSpy is not coming back, and Steve Hall isn’t replacing Bob Garfield. Jeez people, this isn’t bizarro world.

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