Nintendo, Leo Burnett Channel ‘Inception’ in Mario/Luigi Spot

By Erik Oster 

In a spot that brings to mind Christopher Nolan’s Inception, doctors observe and interact with a sleeping Luigi to alter the dream world he resides in while sleeping.

At the beginning of the spot one of the doctors announces that the Nintendo 3DS “Will allow us to view the strange dreams of our friend Luigi.” The doctors probing a sleeping Luigi premise is balanced nicely with gameplay footage, including tiny Luigis forming a hammer and then a ball to battle enemies. At one point a doctor pulls on Luigi’s mustache, which acts as a slingshot for Mario in Luigi’s dream world. The typical Mario franchise charm is in full effect here.


“Sleeping Problems” incorporates gameplay into the spot in an organic way (not always easy to do), while making the game seem like a lot of fun. In fact, this makes me really want a 3DS. This is a problem, mostly because I can’t afford a 3DS any time soon. So thanks for that. Jerks.

Christopher Nolan could not be reached for comment. Credits and “bloopers” video after the jump. 

CREDITS Nintendo “Sleeping Problems”:

Agency: Leo Burnett

Executive Producer: Matt Blitz

Producer: Jennifer Solley

Copywriter: Travis Meidell

Art Director: Jesse Bowen

Production: Hungry Man

Director: Dave Laden

Post Production: Radar

Executive Producer: Graham Gangi

Producer: Blake Nickle

Editor: Mark P Smith

Creative Director: Jason Guerrero

Animators: Bruce Lin, Sean Skube, Mark Angres

Compositors: Brian Willard, Grant Cheney