Nina DiSesa’s Video Guide For Ladies Climbing The Ladder

By SuperSpy 

Nina DiSesa, author and chairman of McCann Erickson in New York, recently told USA Today when it comes to employee motivation she believes that:

“All the mushy e-mails and letters of praise aren’t worth anything. Believe me, I have tried to keep people happy with love, but it only goes so far.”

If you recall, Nina’s book was all about seducing the boys club as a method to rise up the ranks in the ad game. Thankfully, in the midst of her book tour, Nina gave a bunch of talks that brings the book to life like her principle of S&M – seduction and manipulation. Ladies, DiSesa wants you to listen up, take her advice, her wise words. Say things like:


“You’re such a little prick. I don’t know why I love you so much.” This is her guiding principle of getting their attention: mix up the bad and the good. Show love. Men like that. You know, make their dick feel small and then give them good stuff. This my friends, is how Portnoy’s Complaint came to be.

She also has some reasons why women need to be at the top of the ladder. One is:

“The way a man’s brain works is that he has a pre-conceived idea based on how prepared he is.” She finishes that thought and the video with, “You want to have a women in the room who are senior enough to make their feelings known and to debrief you from the other side. You know… From a person whose left brain is actually talking to their right brain.”

Ah, Nina.