Night Agency Parodies ‘Like A Girl’ for Schweid & Sons

By Erik Oster 

New York-based Night Agency launched a new online spot for “fourth generation purveyor of high-quality ground beef” Schweid & Sons parodying Leo Burnett’s “Like A Girl” campaign for Always, and, more specifically its sequel, “Unstoppable.”

While its name pokes fun at a different target, “Make Burgers Great Again” borrows the tone, look and dramatic piano music from the much-heralded Always campaign and uses it for a far sillier purpose, posing the question “Do we limit each other’s hamburgers?” After a seemingly dramatic opening questioning if society pressures us to ask a certain way, the ad poses the question and receives a bevy of responses, bemoaning being made fun of for using mayo as a burger topping to enjoying burgers rare (how they were intended) to one man who says, “I tried to eat one with a hot dog on it once and people said you can’t do that.” The moderator asks him how that made him feel, to which the man replies, “Fat.”

Not everyone is enthused with the question though, as one woman (actually the only woman in the ad) is insulted and taken aback, saying the stunt is “painfully stupid”, a sign the ad also isn’t afraid to poke fun at itself. At over three minutes long the joke drags a bit by the time they get around to destroying boxes with burger-limiting words (although “Don’t Drink Grease” as one of the boxes is a good throwaway gag) and the man suggesting he’d like to sling his wife’s “hockey puck burgers” at her is really a bit much. Still, the spot is not without its share of humor and should help attract attention for a brand not to many people know by name. Now, can we get a Good Morning Burger?