Nick Offerman Offers America a ‘Gut Check’ for NASCAR

By Erik Oster 

Nick Offerman will plug NASCAR immediately following the conclusion of NBC’s Super Bowl coverage, in an ad created in-house by NBC Sports in collaboration with Hungry Man.

The 30-second teaser “Gut Check” — recently released by NBC — sees Offerman speculating that “If the founding fathers saw us huddled in our little cocoons, texting each other smiley faces, they’d hang their powdered wigs in shame,” before offering up a certain something that “rhymes with masscar” as an antidote. NBC plans to release the extended, two-minute  “America Start Your Engines” this Wednesday, which promises to feature Offerman rapping lines like “we bump and grind in a non-sexual way.” A 60-second version of this spot will air immediately following Super Bowl coverage, while “Gut Check” will air preceding the game along with a separate spot that will not feature the actor.


“We just felt like he was the perfect character to carry the message,” NBC Sports Senior Vice President of Marketing Bill Bergofin told Adweek, referring to the choice of Offerman.


Client: NBC Sports Agency
John Miller – CMO
Bill Bergofin – SVP Marketing/ECD
Lorin Finkelstein – VP Brand/Co-ECD
Lindsay Davenport – Producer

Production Company: Hungry Man
Allan Broce – EP/CD
Dave Laden – Director
Eric Schmidt – DP
Erin Sullivan – Producer
Craig Repass – Line Producer

Editorial: Rock Paper Scissors
VFX: The Mill
Music: Beacon Street