Nice & Company Gets Goofy for Crystal Geyser Spring Water

By Erik Oster 

San Francisco agency Nice & Company launched a new campaign for Crystal Geyser Spring Water with a pair of spots set in a grocery store.

In “Cashier,” a woman is at the check out counter, where she’s very conscious about what she buys — except for the bottled tap water. “All bottled water is the same, right?” she says to a judgmental cashier. Unfortunately the attempts at humor feel forced and the spot actually includes the cringe-inducing line “Made by nature, not by man.” The humor in “Drama,” which involves a certain Beethoven song, is equally over-the-top. Hopefully Nice & Company will take the brand out of the grocery store with their next efforts for the brand.


Agency: Nice & Company

Partner: Kelly Nice
Executive Creative Director: Doug Finelli
VP Account Director: Darren Fitzgerald
Producer: Troy Courtney
Writer: Doug Finelli
Art Director: Val Beckwith

Executive Producer:  Joe Piccirillo
Director: Tom De Cerchio
Producer: Dennis McCullough
Casting LA: Lisa Fields Casting
Director of Photography:  Kevin Ward

Editorial: Cosmo Street
Editor: John Bradley

Color: Apache

TALENT: Julia Irzky
ROLE: Cashier / Brenda
TALENT: Rosa Handelman
ROLE: Customer
TALENT: Nick Bender
ROLE: Derrick