New Y&R CEO Rallies Troops with ‘Motivational Speech’

By Bob Marshall 

As Y&R’s fourth global CEO in eight years, the newly appointed David Sable has some motivational words for his company. But, it’s hard to get behind someone who’s supposed to lead you into the digital age when he uploads his message in a huge Quicktime file to the agency’s website as opposed to using a video hosting site. The result is one of the graphically choppiest streaming clips you’ve seen uploaded to the internet in the past decade (check out the screen grab to get an idea of the stream buffering fail).

Anyhow, Sable has big plans for his agency, as an interview with Adweek posted to the magazine’s site earlier today will tell you (for the record, he’s not combining Y&R with his old agency, Wunderman, anytime soon). The video touches on Sable’s idea of Y&R being treated as a “home” of sorts for employees, and near the end he repeats his mantra, “Do it big, or stay in bed.” Honestly, Sable comes across as a sincere, enthusiastic and genial guy, and we wonder if his motivational speech would resonate deeper if it wasn’t for its unfortunate formatting.


Sorry we can’t embed, but you can view Sable’s full message, “A Few Words from David,” in all its glitchy glory here.