New McDonald’s Packaging from Boxer Will Soon Decorate Your Car Floor

By Erik Oster 

UK and Chicago-based brand design agency, and longtime McDonald’s partner, Boxer has created a new packaging design for McDonald’s takeout bags and fountain beverage cups.

Boxer’s CCO Paul Castledine describes the new design, without irony, as one that “takes customers on a visual journey of discovery into all the things that make their McDonald’s meal enjoyable.” Visual journey of discovery? What he means is the new bag design features text saying things like “perfectly seasoned” “sssh! secret sauce” and “melting cheese sizzling beef!” accompanied by attractive graphics. The packaging design seems somewhat reminiscent of Chipotle, and it’s hard to fault McDonald’s and Boxer for looking to Chipotle’s success at appealing to Millenials for inspiration.

Since McDonald’s can’t exactly champion the quality of its ingredients (other than to remind you they use 100% beef), more vague but appetizing-sounding descriptions of the food are necessary. The newly-designed cups and bags also feature a QR code providing customers easy access to nutritional information from mobile devices, so they can know exactly how much they’re setting back their diet with their burger run. All in all, Boxer’s new designs are attractive and the new bags and cups should look great crumpled up on the floors of McDonald’s customers everywhere.