New Hampshire Lottery Asks ‘Are You Game?’ in New Campaign

By Olivia Morley 

Playing the lottery takes on a new meaning in GYK Antler’s latest campaign for the New Hampshire Lottery.

Earlier this month the full-service independent agency based in Manchester, N.H. launched the campaign titled “Are You Game?”

The title is a nod to the idea of “playing the lottery.” The twist is that in these spots, the contestants gamble in an action-packed sequence of Wipeout-style games, complete with bungee cords and giant zorb balls.


The agency hoped to showcase how the N.H. Lottery has become “larger than life” in recent years. The campaign calls attention to three lottery products—scratch tickets, KENO 603 and iLottery. With these additions, plus sports betting, the New Hampshire lottery is more robust.

“We needed a campaign that rose to the occasion to show how much the New Hampshire lottery offers and the energy behind it. You know, the dream of winning? And are you game?” Maura McCann, marketing director of the N.H. Lottery, told Adweek.

To produce it, the GYK Antler team created a massive set where contestants competed in a gameshow-style ad that state residents can view across TV, radio and social media.

“We wanted to put them in this this sort of environment where the tickets were large, the Keno board was enormous and everybody was playing together and experiencing this gamification of the lottery in real life,” said Andrew Harris, creative director at GYK Antler.

Local comedian Juston McKinney served as the “game show host” in all three campaign spots. In the first, called “Scratch Ticket,” contestants attached to bungee cords attempted to launch themselves onto a life-size scratch ticket and be the first to reveal the three “Win” icons.

The “iLottery” spot is a real-life version of one of the N.H. Lottery’s online games. In the ad, contestants navigate an obstacle course and try to evade a Joker, eventually arriving at screens where they can play the Queen of Diamonds e-instant game and hopefully reveal three Queens.

In the “Keno 603” ad, contestants in giant zorb balls rolled down a 70-foot ramp leading to a massive Keno 603 board. To win, contestants needed to land on one of 20 highlighted numbers on the board.

The client’s current marketing team is lean, comprised of two employees who manage marketing, advertising and public relations. Because of this, the brand treats its agency partners as an extension of its own team. Over the course of their approximately 30-year partnership, the agency and client say there’s been significant diversification in the type of ads they’ve created. This campaign is one of their most unique productions, veering away from previous spots set in and around convenience stores or the home.

“If you’re flipping through your TV and you see it, you’re gonna perk up and notice because it has that visual appeal right off the bat. If you don’t know what you’re looking at, it makes you pay attention just because of the scope and scale of what it looks like,” said Matt Doyle, the co-founder of Big Brick Productions, who directed the ads.

This summer, the GYK Antler and N.H. Lottery teams aim to create a real-life experiential opportunity based on the spots for consumers in New Hampshire.

“We are not a boring lottery, that’s for sure,” said McCann.

Campaign Credits

Client: New Hampshire Lottery

Maura McCann, Director of Marketing

Agency: GYK Antler 

Andrew Harris, Creative Director

Maddie Goodnuff, Art Director

Dan Lawton, Copywriter

Jeff Newman, Group Account Director

Mike Giovinelli, Director of Strategy

Taylor Bengtson, Senior Account Executive

Barbara McCaffrey, Senior Project Manager

Production: Big Brick Productions

Matt Doyle, Director/EP

Tyler York, Director of Production

Faye Cogen, AD

Lisa Neville, Line Producer

Josh Drake, Sr. Editor

Tori DeYeso, Animator

Daniel Dunn, Director of Photography

Sammy Honeywell, Assistant Editor

Vendors: Slate Casting, ModelClub, Andrew Wilson Agency, Ennis, Rule, High Output, Events United, Merrill Bartlet Group, RJ Kelly

Tom Furcillo, 2nd Camera

Craig Frankenhoff, Jib Operator

Josh Bogardus, Drone Operator

Jeff Olive, 1st AC

Ben Daniels, Alex Lopez, 2nd AC

Carlos Bermudez, Gaffer

Shawn Ryder, Swing

Dave LaRue, Key Grip

Jake Ohrt, Event Lighting Director

Pat Dunn, Video Tech

Ben Nimkin, Audio

James Isch, Locations

Tara Pavoni, Art Director

Rob Carlson, Production Design

Ashley Sykes, Andrew Wallace, Steve Couttes, Set Dresses

Dan Brisson. Kenji Messenger, Joel Ballou, Doug Moore, Mike Cantanzo, Construction Crew

Maili Lafayette/Jamie D’Emarese, Wardrobe

Alex Dale, Hair/Makeup

Alana Bergeron, Production Manager

Riley Sexton, Aaron Kaplow, Tuttie Colon, Lauren Bolger, Josh Marcouiller, Pas

Jeff Pugliese, Medic

Liam Crowley, Covid-19 Compliance

Kristi DeCisero, Craft Services

Steve Coppin, Bungee Tech

Juston McKinney, Host

Brenden Floyd, Lisa Joyce, Joey Lopez, Contestants