New Balance Wants to Make ‘Runnovation’ a Thing, Gives it an ‘Anthem’

By Bob Marshall 

From Arnold Worldwide comes “Runnovation Anthem,” a spot for New Balance that depicts people running in different environments interspersed with cuts of what appear to be acts of science. There’s also a very loud musical number, which one would suppose is the titular anthem, despite not being very anthemic. The song is so utterly terrifying, in fact, that it’s easy to imagine all of these people running away from a masked pursuer who chases them while playing this song full-blast on a JVC Kaboom Box held above his or her head.

With an introduction to the idea of “Runnovation” (running + innovation for those playing at home) out of the way, the campaign will unfold into three different storylines across media platforms, with the first focusing on a grassroots fitness group called “November Project.” If you’re interested in watching some suburban white dudes run around outside and yell “fuck yeah” for a while, watch this video:


Did you enjoy watching those people vomit? Yeah, you probably did, you sicko. Credits after the jump.
New Balance “Runnovation” Campaign

Chief Creative Officer: Pete Favat

Creative Director: Mike Howard and Luke Perkins

Art Director: Sara Goldsmith

Copywriter: Kevin Goff

Broadcast Producer: Jamie Guild

Broadcast Assistant Producer: Claire Townsend

Print Producer: Diane Brito

Art Producers: Andrea Ricker, Sarah Doggett and Kersten Vasey

Business Affairs: Anne Joynt

Planners: Karin Wood and Angus McCoubrey

Marketing Producers: Todd Sperry, Maggie Smith and Will Gurney

TV Production Company: Union HZ

Production Company Executive Producer: Jeremy Taches

Editorial Company: Edit Bar

Post Production: Brickyard

Photographer: Nick Laham

Print Production Company: Point Productions