New Agency Alert Via Starbucks

By SuperSpy 

Stanley Hainsworth, VP Global Creative at Starbucks, has reportedly left the brand to start his own agency. No idea what he’s going to call it – Hainsworth + Co., perhaps? You know Stanley. Take a look at the image over there. Come on? That hair? It’s like legend.

Stanley spent several years at Nike as a creative director and then spent some more time at the Lego Company as their global creative director. Hainsworth is a singer/songwriter, author, actor, director and producer – a real renaissance man. He was a co-founder and director at the Rita Hayworth Theatre in Los Angeles as well as a founder and producer of BOOM Productions in New York City.


Want more info on Hainsworth? Scott Goodson, head toad over at StrawberryFrog, recently interviewed Stanley on his blog. When asked about his greatest lessons learned, Stanley replied:

“It’s never right the first or second time. Always the third . . . but then you go back to the first version and realize that you were right after all.”

Damn straight. Good luck to Stanley. It’s a rough world out there.