Nest Teams Up With BBH New York to Celebrate the ‘Magic of Home’

By Erik Oster 

Last November, Nest launched its first broadcast campaign with a series of 30-second spots created in-house. Now the brand is back with more in-house efforts, but for its latest campaign, entitled “Magic of Home,” it also teamed up with BBH New York, who handled out of home and print ads.

The broadcast spots, directed by Park Pictures’ Chris Wilcha, approach the brand from the point of view of users’ homes, presenting things from the house’s point of view. In the 60-second “36 Spring Street has a tough job,” for example, voiceover from either Danny DeVito or the world’s best Danny DeVito impersonator laments that “it’s hard being a house.” The house asks “Ever stand in one place since 1953?” before complaining of being rained on, snowed on, hit in the face and going through three remodels without anesthesia. Finally, with Nest around the house finally has help, which it calls “the best stuff to happen to a house since running water.” The 30-second efforts “208 Ridge Road has seen things” and “127 Willow Lane has had some work done” take a similar approach, focusing on the effect Nest has on the home rather than on the technology itself. It’s an interesting evolution for the brand and a definite step up from last year’s efforts, particularly in “36 Spring Street has a tough job,” which  benefits from the spot-on voiceover.

“We’re very focused on having the technology blend into the background,” Nest CMO Doug Sweeny told AdAge. “That’s really counter to what the category in general has promoted…The technology on the inside is wildly complex, but from the outside, what the user is experiencing is magical, delightful and really simple.”

BBH New York’s outdoor campaign, meanwhile, will run in major cities globally, including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London and Amsterdam. Print ads will run in publications including The New York Times Magazine, The Atlantic, The Economist and Dwell. The campaign is also supported by digital and experiential elements.