Nerd Alert! Viral Factory Lets IT Mgr. Show Off Client’s Product

By Matt Van Hoven 

We’re fans of advertising that works by showing you how a product works, especially when it’s real. And we’re not talking about using a Blackberry to drive a formula-1 car. Nay, what we speak of is the recent 4-minute video created by the Viral Factory for their client Samsumg which has a new SSD coming out.

For those of you who aren’t super techy, the SSD (solid state drive) is the future of computing. You probably already have an SSD &#151 they’re commonly called pen or thumb drives. Now they’re being made bigger and will soon replace spinning hard drives because they’re fast and don’t contain moving parts &#151 meaning fewer hard drive crashes!

So rather than make an ad, the Viral Factory set their IT manager loose with 24 SSDs &#151 with which he promptly built a computer. The result &#151 a super computer capable of copying an entire DVD faster than the time it took for the thing to hit the ground when dropped (the DVD, not the computer). Yeah, for real. Click play to watch them run some cool tests that even your least tech-savvy computer user will enjoy. You know, because we’ve all had to use an awfully slow machine once or twice. Eh hem.

Via BrandRepublic

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