Neo-Pangea Abuses Intern, Encourages Anonymous Strangers to Help, Cackles Maniacally

By Bob Marshall 

Is your agency publicity campaign a smart idea when your co-founder has to say in a press release “it’s not as evil as it sounds”? We’ll soon find out when Brett Bagenstose and his Pennsylvania-based shop Neo-Pangea holds their live online event, “Intern Abuser,” on October 11 and 12. Bagentose is definitely right about one thing–this sounds really, really  evil.

The above Robert Rodriguez-esque vignette depicts an young, bright-eyed intern getting poked, prodded and beaten for sick perverts who get off by causing pain to others. Among the available torture devices are “jabbing with a cartoon-like boxing glove (Sucker Punch) or foamed bat (Let’s Go Clubbing), a rapidly flickering strobe light (the Studio 54), a haze-inducing blast from a fog machine (Smoke Out), and a sudden and unexpected blast of air into the intern’s face (Pull My Finger). ”


I get that this is supposed to be funny, but for some (obvious) reason, this just kind of leaves a queasy feeling in my stomach. It’s not the first time an agency has live-streamed an event and allowed viewers to interact with their employees, but it’s definitely the most sinister use of this technology. Neo-Pangea adds in a disclaimer that “no actual interns are harmed in the making and/or execution of Intern Abuser and the company is in full compliance with rules, guidelines and safety precautions as outlined by the International Protect Intern Society,” which, as far as we can tell, is a made-up organization. After reading this, take a moment of silence in recognition of the poor unpaid intern who will have to suffer for the enjoyment of weirdos. Learn more at