NBCUniversal Digital Enterprises Enlists Battery to Introduce Comedy Streaming Channel Seeso

By Erik Oster 

NBCUniversal Digital Enterprises selected Hollywood agency Battery to introduce its comedy streaming channel Seeso and the agency has already created a teaser spot promoting its January launch.

Entitled “The Seeso Secret Society,” the teaser is narrated by a guy who sounds like Werner Herzog* and features appearances by Amy Poehler, Jonah Ray, Tom Lennon and Dan Harmon, among others. “A couple of internet funmny guys, a mysterious invitation,” the Herzog stand-in begins, going on to frame Seeso as a sort of comedy secret society, going “deep into the shallow world of comedy.” According to not-actually-Herzog, “One force has been quietly shaping and controlling comedy for years,” a secret club which “has a name that until now was secret.”

The big names of “The Seeso Secret Society” and mysterious approach should pique the interest of comedy fans and having Herzog provide fake narration is always a welcome touch. It doesn’t do much to inform viewers about what Seeso actually provides — “Everything from classic SNL, Kids In the Hall and Monty Python, to exclusive new programs” for $3.99 a month, but this is just a teaser so we assume more detailed spots will promote the service more directly before its release while sticking to the same overall theme.

Client: NBCUniversal Digital Enterprises
EVP, Digital Enterprises: Evan Shapiro
SVP, Digital Enterprises: Patricia Parra Hadden
Director, Content & Branding, Digital Enterprises: Karene Tropen
Senior Marketing Coordinator, Digital Enterprises: Christianne Enos
Agency: Battery
Chief Creative Officer: Philip Khosid
Chief Executive Officer: Anson Sowby
Chief Production Officer: Chris Hepburn
Creative Director/Copywriter: Raymond Hwang
Creative Director/Art Director/Copywriter: Bernie O’Dowd
Director of Strategy: Philip Ser
Executive Producer: Judy Gotten
Associate Producer: Mackenzie Busch
Editor: Adam Svatek
Sound: Lime Studios
VFX: Timber
Director: Liam Lynch
Producer: Max Dionne
Production Company: Nerdist


*Yes, it’s not actually Werner Herzog, dick.