NBC’s Silverman to Head “Warner Bros. Meets BBDO” Co.

By Matt Van Hoven 

Whatever “Warner Bros. Meets BBDO” means, it’s a sign that (at least in theory) the entertainment world is further aligning with the advertising world and not just from a partnership standpoint. It also means the industry you love or hate or whatever is missing out on mega-huge dollars. Someone slap everyone.

Ben Silverman is in part responsible for bringing on two of NBC’s top rated shows; “The Office” and “The Biggest Loser”. His two-year contract with NBC having just ended, the news broke this morning that he’s heading up a new initiative with IAC’s Barry Diller. According to the New York Times, “…his new company, which does not yet have a name, will be designed to take advantage of the other role Mr. Silverman played at NBC, in bringing creative talent together with advertisers. Mr. Silverman, citing a production company and an advertising agency, likened the new venture to “Warner Brothers meets BBDO.'”

Let me take a moment of your time to point something out: creative talent + brands = money. Most people understand this, but ad agencies tend to completely misunderstand it. I’ll refer, yet again, to William Morris Endeavor Entertainment &#151 which is basically the entertainment equivalent if Crispin Porter + Bogusky merged with JWT or BBDO or Saatchi or (your giant agency name here). The newly formed agency has an entire department devoted to taking money out of your pocket by pairing brands with people 13 year-olds like. And so on. And since talent/brand representation is still largely a commission based industry, WMEE takes 10% every time they pair brand with celebrity. The best part, for them, is in many cases they already represent both parties &#151 meaning they can take away 10% of the deal.

WPP, please get on this. It’s what they call easy money, aka corporate consulting.

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