NBA on ESPN Crew Bunks Up for New RV Spot

By Jordan Teicher 

Another day, another team-up between ESPN and W+K. “Inner Monologue,” the latest 30-second NBA on ESPN RV ad created by W+K New York, answers very important questions about the crew’s sleeping arrangements. Yes, some players and analysts do have to bunk up. Bulls All-Star center Joakim Noah has to sleep in the same bed as ESPN kingpin Bill Simmons, even though neither of them are happy with the situation. Noah, who stands 6’11”, probably has a better argument than Simmons, who is listed at an unconvincing 6’2″. Simmons, for all his Boston sports proclivities, is in bed with a Bull. He’s actually sleeping with the enemy. But wait…as with most of the RV spots, there’s a Jeff Van Gundy punchline. And as usual, it’s the best part of the clip. Not only is Van Gundy funny-looking, but if you’ve been following his RV escapades, whether getting stuck on the stunt double vehicle or trading glasses with Russell Westbrook, you know that JVG is also funny. And in a sports media world that is often lacking in self-deprecation and humor, the silly shtick from the NBA on ESPN panel is always nice to see. Credits after the jump.


Creative Directors Brandon Henderson/Stuart Jennings
ICD Gary Van Dzura

Copywriter Scott Mahoney

Art Director Dan Oliva

Executive Producer Temma Shoaf

Producer Luiza Naritomi

Account Team Brandon Pracht / Casey Bernard/Brian Racis /Jonathan Chu

Executive Creative Directors Ian Reichenthal / Scott Vitrone

Head of Content Production Lora Schulson


Production Company O Positive

Director David Shane

Executive Producers Marc Grill

Line Producer Ken Licata

Director of Photography Marc Laliberte Else


Editorial Company Mackenzie Cutller

Editor Dave Anderson

Post Producer Evan Meeker

Post Executive Producer Sasha Hirschfeld


VFX Company The Mill/Scmigital

Lead 3D Artist

Flame Artist Bruno Delacalva/ Jimmy Hayhow

VFX Producer Juan Handal



Mix Company  Heard City

Mixer Cory Melious