Mustache Admires All Things Dutch for Holland Tourism

By Kiran Aditham 

If you ever felt the need to visit the Van Gogh Museum or take a canal tour, then you may be interested in this ongoing campaign from DUMBO/Brooklyn-based shop Mustache, which has already claimed that “everything is hip” in Holland.

Mustache, joining forces with the Holland Marketing Alliance, aims to exemplify “De Holland” by demonstrating that this Euro hub’s culture goes well beyond the coffee shops and red light district of Amsterdam (despite that recent 180 Amsterdam campaign).

Mustache continues its three-year relationship with HMA by targeting Millennials in a campaign that also promotes air carrier KLM and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (among others) along the way.

Agency: Mustache
Director: Gavin Bellour
Director of Photography: Felipe Soares
Creative Director: John Limotte
Director of Marketing: Jeff Cambron
Will Bystrov: Head of Post-Production
Rosina Shiliwala: Director, North America, Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions
Anthony La Rosa: Social Media Specialist, KLM/Air France