Must Watch: WTF? The Importance Of Awards In Advertising

By SuperSpy 

Okay. Right? What? Right. Sorry. I’m a little um, warped after watching the video above. Let me warn you that the last sensical thing I’m probably going to write in this piece is: the video was created by Maggot Operations.

Okay. What? Okay. In the beginning, I was just sort of whatever, but then the protagonist says, “I have seen twisted animal behavior in this industry…” and then the white dude in the boxers comes in and kind of rubs him in a lecherous way? I was like, what the hell and have I finally entered the total dark side, vortex of advertising? Is this the rabbit hole? What’s with the the guy Barry dancing around minute 3:13? Then, the DJ, like a minute later cranking the beat while everyone takes their clothes off? Dear God. I’ve lost the plot. I’m over the edge.


Via Kiss My Black Ads

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