Must Do – PSFK New York Conference

By SuperSpy 

We cannot stress to you how much we enjoyed last year’s PSFK Conference and on a daily basis, the company’s amazing website. We sound like gushy fans, but hell… that’s what we are. Thus, we were super psyched to buy our ticket for the upcoming PSFK New York Conference about ten minutes ago. Yes, we paid for it and we’re still on high from hitting the “buy” button. We’ll be the one with the name tag that reads “agency spy,” natch.

Get your tickets for Thursday, March 27th here. So far, it looks as though the 2008 event will focus on green, good, TV and social media. However, there six more talks that have yet to be added to the agenda. We’re hoping for gaming (though they did it last year) or gender/class/race or mobile, or, or….


Here’s some more info for you. Speakers so far… (they always add folks on closer to the day):

Adam Stotsky- NBC Universal (SciFi)
Andrew Hoppin – NASA
Eric Ripert – Le Bernardin
Graham Hill – Treehugger
Greg Verdino – Crayon
Jeff Staple – Staple Design
Johnny Vulkan – Anomaly
Josh Spear – Undercurrent
Marc Schiller – Electric Artists
Matthew Stinchcomb – Etsy
Mike Hudack – Blip.TV

Noah Brier – Likemind
Sascha Lewis – Flavorpill
Steve Rubel – Edelman

+ more to be announced

Topics On The Agenda include:

Finding Inspiration
Michelin star chef Eric Ripert explains how his three annual trips inspire his menu, service and brand.

Good Business
Is good the new green? Does being good mean making good profits? Graham Hill , Johnny Vulkan, Jeff Staple join a panel to investigate one of the key trends driving business.

Social Media
In a ‘new guns’ versus ‘marketing gurus’ debate, Josh Spear & Noah Brier join Marc Schiller & Steve Rubel to debate how social media will change in 2008 and how companies can leverage this digital phenomenon in the most rewarding way.

Does New York Matter?
Local observers discuss whether the culture created in New York has a role on a global stage.

Collaborative Working
Etsy and NASA explain how they engage their customers, staff, partners and the community with co-working spaces (real and virtual).

New TV
How has digital changed the delivery, content, sponsorship and future of television? Mike Hudack and Adam Stotsky join a panel discuss the opportunities and challenges.

Evening Party
PSFK will present an evening party open for all conference attendees and open guest list. More details to follow.

Misc Details
Time has been built in for networking. Ticket price includes coffee and lunch and WiFi should be avalable too. Seating is limited so tickets are expected to sell out early. Come join us.

Pay For Speak
PSFK operates a policy against the conference standard of ‘Pay For Speak’. You are paying $300 to see these people speak because we’re inspired by them not because those speakers have paid to be on stage by bunging us some sponsorship cash. Saying that, if an individual really inspires us, we’ll ask them to speak even if their employer is a sponsor.