Music Producer Helms Minority-Focused Sound Lab

By Kiran Aditham 

We don’t normally cover the sound side of advertising, but we figured this is worth a mention. NYC/Toronto-based audio post house Pirate, which has done sound jobs for Bud Light, BK and Geico over the years, has launched Big Apple sister company Pirata which they say is focused solely on the minority advertising space. At the helm is music producer Andres Levin (pictured), who has not only scored music for shows like Entourage and worked with INXS, Natalie Merchant and Diana Ross, but has composed for campaigns from Dr. Pepper, Heineken, Kraft Foods, Cartoon Network and Comedy Central.

In a statement, Pirate COO Tag Gross explains the need for something like Pirata. “This is a rapidly growing population segment with entire industries springing up around it,” he says. “Pirata will be there to serve those industries’ needs for truly professional music production as they link to potential audiences through advertising.”


Pirata already has a reel handy and you can check it out here.

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