Mullenator: Agency CSO Runs for Boston

By Matt Van Hoven 

Update: Apparently, HG is a regular marathon runner. Um, and he’s been tweeting the whole thing. What? Who does that? Check it out.

Oh Mullen, your efforts are sweet and kind. This is Mullen Chief Strategy Officer Stephen Hahn-Griffiths right before the start of the Boston marathon. He looks psyhed doesn’t he? I imagine a few things run through one’s head before starting a race like this &#151 what the hell am I doing? I wonder if I’ll have to pee/poop while I’m running. Why did I eat Mexican last night and drink coffee this morning?


Hahn-Griffiths undoubtedly tried not to think about such things, and instead maybe focused on the new shop his agency is building in Boston. Just 35 days left til the place is open. Um, why do we care though? I hope the carpet matches the curtains &#151 isn’t it awkward when people mess that up? Yeesh.

Btw HG is running for the Boston Public Library. People don’t read so much anymore, but it’s still nice that HG is giving back via running away from life and all its big decisions &#151 like picking carpet/curtain arrangements for one’s new Boston area office. Should they match? Should the clash? Should they just say screw it and go wood floors and open windows?

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