Mullen Winston Salem Has Its Own LP

By SuperSpy 

Double update: It’s Joe Beutel behind all this rapping and whatnot. Kids…

Update: Daniel Cady is definitely not the guy behind the music, so who is?


We just entered that head space where the world seems to be shaking. You know? Like, when the oh-so delicate understanding of up and down shifts and maybe you aren’t you and the sandwich you’re eating is really a figment of your imagination. It sucks, but what the…? Mullen Winston Salem has its own rap album. We shit you not. It’s called ‘Straight Outta Winston.’ We’d make a joke here, but we’re having trouble making sense of what we’re hearing over our speakers.

On the track ‘Gold, Baby Gold’ the rapper says: “I came to clean up at all the awards show/ One Club, Effies, Cannes and Clios/ With style, from head to my toes/”

On ‘Copywrite (Do It All Damn Night)’, the lyrics go: “Two AM and the copy’s not right yet/no tone, no flow, off strategy and all that/”

See what we’re saying? Other titles include ‘Deadline” and ‘Go Viral.’ The site might be a call for job applicants, since when you hit “Holla” (yes, yes they went there) you get a link to send your portfolio. We don’t know. We just don’t know.

We contacted their PR rep, Denise Ambrosio, and are waiting for a response about this whole album thing. Hmm… StratG, the name blazing in mock graffiti up there, is the pseudonym, but who is it really? Ray Trosan, EVP Media Director? Brian Carter, Assoc. Media Director? Joe Beutel or Daniel Cady, copywriters?

OMG. You know what – we’re going to take a nap. This is all to much for us. StratG if you want to get in touch and do an IM interview to explain yourself, contact us at agencyspy on AIM. Jesus.