Mullen, JetBlue ‘Fly It Forward’

By Erik Oster 

Mullen, Boston worked with JetBlue on an online campaign entitled “Fly It Forward”, in which the airline gives away tickets to individuals with inspiring stories, who then select from a list of people to receive the next ticket.

The causevertising initative is detailed in a three minute online ad following the stories of several individuals selected to “Fly It Forward.” Their stories vary widely from the inspiring to the not-as-much (Hipster street artist travels to Brooklyn to paint a mural? Are we missing something there?) but the video effectively communicates the philosophy behind the campaign. Ultimately the effort makes JetBlue look good, as the airline manages to support a variety of causes all at once, and even takes the selection process and effectively gives it over to those touched by the campaign. As the ad states, the campaign is effectively set up so that there’s no end in sight.



Advertising Agency: Mullen, Boston, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Mark Wenneker
Executive Creative Directors: Tim Vaccarino, Dave Weist
Group Creative Directors: Dylan Bernd, Tim Cawley
Creative Director: Christian Madden
Associate Creative Directors: Ben Salsky, Mark Boroyan
Senior Art Director: Dan Madsen
Copywriter: Nick Olish
Senior Creative Technologist: Joe Palasek
Creative Technologist: Adam Riggs
Creative Technologist, Systems: Stefan Harris
Digital Designer: Scott Petrichko
Designer: Han Na Jung
Animator: Chris Zuppa
Senior Creative Retoucher: Andy Jones
Quality Assurance Engineer: Ryan Nelsen
Executive Director Integrated Production: Liza Near
Lead Producer: Jamee Sheehy
Senior Integrated Producer: Liz Shook
Producer: Eric Skvirsky
Director: Rob Apse
DP: Rob Apse
Second Camera: Kristyn Ulanday, Max Esposito, Amanda McGrady
Senior Editor: Rob Apse
Senior Editor: Jessica Phearsome
Editor for Louis: Max Esposito
Assistant Editor: Libby Ryerson
Director of Art Production: Tracy Maidment
Senior Digital Producer: Kim Ryan
Print Production Supervisor: Aidan Finnan
Project Manager: Nicole Capone
Senior Copy Editor: Ashley Rumery
Group Account Director: Drayton Martin
Account Director: Patrick Meeley
Account Supervisor: Hannah Moore
Senior Account Executive: Melissa Sabones
Manager, Strategic Analytics: Steve Sandiford
Senior Digital Analyst: Alex Yip
Senior Brand Strategist: Sloane Beaver
SVP, Group Media Director: Keith Lusby
VP, Group Digital Director: Jade Watts
VP, Associate Digital Media Director: Rachel Allen
Senior Digital Media Planner: Jess Conway
VP, Account Director, Public Relations: Jaclyn Ruelle
Account Supervisor, Public Relations: Megan Oxland
Senior Account Executive, Public Relations: Kara Feigenbaum
Account Executive, Public Relations: Brittany Topham
Production Company: Untold Productions
Director/Producer: Jared Goodman
DP: Etienne Suaret, Matthew Kohl Threlkeld
Utility: David Bouley
Audio Post and Mix: Soundtrack