Mullen Gets Some GM Love

By SuperSpy 

Despite this crap economy, GM’s stock price nosediving 22% in early trades today and the companies cut backs on spending, Mullen has been tapped to handle its customer relationship management programs along with Campbell-Ewald. Yes, customer relations are important for GM. You gotta keep the few customers ya’ got left. Especially in the face of recalls and bad experiences taking up tons of code across the internet.

Mullen also just snagged the SunTrust business. Mullen recently added some high level folks to their roster in August: Stephen Hahn-Griffiths Executive Vice President, Director of Brand Planning and Matt Fischvogt as Creative Director, Innovation and Integration. Looks like it’s paying off. They’ve got the team buzzing and nailing some nice sized wins.


Okay, okay… Mullen gets its own category on the left hand side bar as of right this second.

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