MuchMusic Delivers Holiday Wrap in Style

By Bob Marshall 

While MuchMusic USA is now called “Fuse” in the States and gives high school kids the opportunity to go behind the scenes at Warped Tour and the Taste of Chaos, its former parent channel MuchMusic is still alive and well in Canada as evidenced by this spot done with help from Crush, Toronto.

Starting Dec. 20, Much Music will host its “Holiday Wrap” specials, marathons chronicling the highs and lows of pop music of the past year. Included for those enamored with celebrities are MuchMusic’s 10 hottest women and men of 2010. And, for Canadian fanatics of long-running coming of age television dramas about high school, Degrassi in India will feature Degrassi cast members in India for no reason in particular. These actors look pretty and sad in Canada, but maybe they’ll be ugly and frightened in India! Who knows?


While the programming may not sound appealing to the average human being with a soul, the nice thing about this spot is that causes waves of nostalgia for the old MTV spots from the 1980s. Remember when pop music was about fun an rebellion and pissing off your parents? Why does Canada get all the fun?

Credits after the jump.

MuchMusic Holiday Wrap 2010
Holiday Wrap 2010 Opening
Agency: MuchMusic
Director: Ray Wong
Creative Director: Randall Graham
Art Director: Adam Mansbridge
Promo Producer: Ray Wong
Director of Photography: Kaan Akalin
Offline Editor: Ray Wong, MuchMusic
Audio House: MuchMusic
Audio: Ray Wong, Matt Spiers, Simon Jain

Animation and Visual Effects: Crush, Toronto
Executive Producer: Patty Bradley
Production Manager: Raphael Quirino
Creative Director: Stefan Woronko
CG Animators: Chris Minos, Leo Silva, Josh Clifton, Gav Patel
CG Supervisor: Aylwin Fernando