MTV’s ‘Skins’ Parties in Reverse

By Bob Marshall 

Despite recently having advertising from the likes of Subway, Schick, H&R Block, GM and Wrigley pulled over protest from the Parents Television Council, MTV’s “new” show about sexy teens having sex and doing drugs, Skins USA, is continuing on and even releasing new promo spots like the one above.

Hilariously enough, the US version of the show is reportedly less morally depraved than the British version of the show that has been airing on the BBC since January 2007. Are American parents just too sensitive about a show depicting actual teenage actors engaging in adult behavior that at times calls for nudity? Or, are accusations that the show could be considered child pornography spot on?


Regardless, the pilot’s high ratings mean MTV isn’t going to pull the plug on the series any time soon. Also, this can be seen as an opportunity for a new set of advertisers (Trojan Condoms, Four Loko, K-Y Jelly, Adderall) to embrace the show’s risque content and capitalize off of the controversy. Is the show a realistic portrayal of teenage life? Who cares. The promos from Post Millennium writer/director Evan Silver and editor Nathan Byrne make this fantastic drug-and-booze high school orgy set to Sleigh Bells’ “Kids” look like too much fun for MTV’s target demographic to ignore.

The full-length promo follows after the jump.

MTV SKINS USA “Reverse Party” Extended 2:30 sec promo from Evan Silver on Vimeo.