MSFT Account Executive Makes a Strangely Generic Video Resume

By Jordan Teicher 

Creative multimedia resumes have been popping up all over the internet this year, including this Parisian who turned his resume into an Amazon product page as we all criticized ourselves for not thinking of it first. Selling yourself is never easy–except for those who work in the Red Light District; they’ve really simplified that process to perfection–but for the rest of us, we have to worry about including too much personal information, emphasizing the right amount of work experience, using an agreeable font. Eventually, you just come to the conclusion that there’s no such thing as an agreeable font and that almost all resumes are banal pieces of paper that carry too much meaning.

Tom Costello, account exec for Microsoft, has decided to make his own video resume that shows off his good-humored personality. We’ll let you decide whether the humor is good or bad. Costello does make fun of those annoying Microsoft tablet commercials, so we’ll give him that. The strange part is, he never really talks about specific experience or metrics of success. He throws a football into a box and pounds the pavement with a Wiffle ball bat.


Costello’s Linkedin page implies that he’s currently employed. Maybe he’s blindly reaching out to other brands? If not, who exactly is this guy pitching to if he already works for Microsoft? And for this post, let’s try to have commenters=nice.