MRM//McCann New York Celebrates Your Inner ‘Pro’ for Staples

By Erik Oster 

MRM//McCann New York launched a new campaign for Staples, the brand’s fourth in its 31-year history, entitled “It’s Pro Time.”

“It’s Pro Time” focuses on how workers in all kinds of fields strive to be true professionals at their job, centered around a 30-second anthem ad calling on viewers to “Summon Your Pro.” It opens with a voiceover stating “Somewhere, inside each of us, there’s a pro,” over footage of hardworking employees who arrive early and/or stay late. As the spot unfolds, it focuses on a variety of individuals rolling up their sleeves and tackling various projects, admitting along the way that summoning your “pro” isn’t easy, but concluding that “Once you’ve found it, you can do anything.”

The spot will make its debut on May 8, with a series of 15-second spots furthering the message of the campaign with a focus on individual professionals and small business owners in variety of fields.

“It’s Pro Time” is notable for a variety of reasons. According to a press release it’s “the first in the company’s history to look beyond retail and address the complete spectrum of Staples customers, from consumers to small and mid-sized businesses, and enterprise customers.”

The approach expands Staples’ advertising to promote its Staples Business Advantage B2B delivery business as well as its familiar office supply offerings.

“At its core, ‘Staples – It’s Pro Time’ is a celebration of work ethic, of people being professional in their everyday work lives,” Staples chief marketing officer Frank P. Bifulco Jr. said in a statement.

“Everyone knows us for our fantastic stores, even though today the majority of our revenue is delivered,” he continued. “This campaign is initially intended to shine the light on the business-with-business aspect of our company that we’re not as well known for, but is a key part of our growth strategy. And an important part of our business is not only offering great products, but delivering services and expertise to the hard-working customers who we call professionals.”

“We’re very proud of this campaign and the work we’ve done with Staples,” added MRM//McCann senior vice president, group creative director Roberto Santellana. “By tapping into a universal truth across every Staples’ customer, we created, ‘It’s Pro Time.’ It’s a celebration of work ethic, of a commitment to something larger than yourself.”