Mr. Youth Party: Camp Songs, Tequila Shots, Beer Bongs

By Matt Van Hoven 

It was all good times and revelry last night at Mr. Youth’s New York office (above the Chelsea Market) where the gang put together a FourSquare-themed party that ended long after I left. One BLT, a bottle of Naked Strawberry Well Being and a shit-ton of coffee later I’m still hungover and I left at 8…p.m. This is (part of the reason) why I’ll never make it in advertising (hint: pics after the jump).

Let’s begin: these were nice people who in some cases had never heard of AgencySpy. Fine by me, as folks tend to get shy when they hear that a spy is in their midst. Though there was no cubicle sex (that I saw) there was a fair amount of youthful abandon. The agency’s name is fitting, but we still don’t know what the hell they do over there. This is no one’s fault but my own. Update: They are a social marketing shop people. I am sorry for neglecting you of these informations.


The theme was FourSquared. Basically each cube-pod was tasked with designing their own theme ie: camp creativity = summer camp &#151 er, that’s the only one I can remember). But there was another with Patron and legit Mariachis. I skied for awhile with some help from an XBOX and a pair of Rosignols (errrrrr), just before taking a run down one of two ice luges. There were chicken nugget peg-legs, assorted Svedka-teas, a kiddie-pool, snowshoes and sake sake sake sake bombs.

Anyway the deal was that each pod was entered into FourSquare as a location, and when employees stopped in each pod they “checked in” on FourSquare, and the pod with the most check-ins won &#151 I think. So not only was this a fun, original idea &#151 it’s totally scalable. Being that Mr. Youth does some event stuff, it sorta makes sense that they test the theory.

If you follow folks at Mr. Youth and last night were confused by their locations, this is why.

Like all you ad folks, the Mr. Youth kids seem to be hard workers, which more than explains why they were doing beer bongs of some kind of vodka-punch combo toward the end of my stay. Before I left I got down on the old knees and took one home &#151 and I couldn’t help thinking “how would MediaPost’s Kelly Samardak write this story?” We’ll never know since she was at home knitting or something.

Apologies to the folks at Grey. I was supposed to end up over there after the Mr. Youth thing but due to my insistence in participating in the aforementioned games I was unable to…find your office.

Anyone who thinks they throw a better party than this is free to have us over.

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