Mr. Youth Introduces the Social Class of 2015

By Bob Marshall 

Did you know that college freshman use social media? Well, wake up old-timer, because they most certainly do!

Okay, so recent studies have shown that one in four 18-29 year-olds is getting “bored” with social media and reducing use of it, but who cares? This study from New York-based social media marketing agency Mr. Youth derived statistics through focus groups, a 5,000 person survey and intensive video documentation that proves young people use social media a lot. They even created a handy white paper that introduces the mindset of incoming freshman to marketers who are old and say silly things like, “Facebook? What the heck’s a Facebook?”


Here’s the deal: If you’re a marketer who to this point in your life has found a way to completely ignore the social media phenomenon, then this study might be as game-changing as Mr. Youth makes it out to be. However, if you have the slightest idea how to update your Facebook status or send a Tweet, then this study is just re-iterating the obvious: we live in a world greatly influenced by social media and as early technology adapters, the youth demographic is driving the ways in which people interact with each other and brands online. Maybe you can throw some of these statistics in a slide deck for a clueless client, but this report is on par with a study that says children who live near fast food restaurants tend to eat more junk food. In these cases, common sense overrules the scientific method.