Mr. President Brings Bacardi Bat to Life with ‘Bat Beats’

By Erik Oster 

In case you missed it, newly formed creative agency Mr. President treated SXSW attendees to the creation of a live music track using the movements of 100,000 bats at Austin’s “Bat Mecca,” Congress Bridge, a means of bringing the brand’s iconic bat logo to life.

The track was created by “using a bespoke software app, which allows the user to interact with a series of composed sounds triggered by the bats movements. Capture of the bats movement was then “streamed into a digital grid, with each square triggering and affecting specific sounds, beats, pitches and tempos.” The software was designed by Immsersive represented by Partizan, one of the companies responsible for the opening and closing ceremonies at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics (the Paralympics closing ceremony was arguably the real grand finale). Music producer Craig Richards will release a remix of the track some time next month.


“Defying convention and expectation is part of the Bacardi rum DNA and continues to be today. The Bat Beats music experience is just that – a demonstration of the brand values that still alive and strong today,” says Kofi Amoo-Gottfried, Bacardi rum global communications director.

Stick around after the jump to hear the Bacardi “Bat Beats” track, along with credits.



Image: Tyson Edwards


Mr. President

Executive Creative Director – Laura Jordon Bambach

Creative Director – Jon Gledstone

Creative Director – Dave Martin

Business Director – Shahla Lalani

Producer – Nikki Cramphorn

Planner – Naomi Dunne



Mark Calvert – Project Producer / MD

John Munro – Creative Director

Joe Dunkley – Software Programming

Adam Janota Bzowski – Composer

Zak Norman – Software Programming

Chris Stoneman – Motion Graphics



Jenny Beckett – Producer

Jason Oakley – Production Manager

Richard Wilson – Production Assistant

DOP – Ozzie Pullin

Kevin Konak – Editor