MotherNY to Showcase Graffiti Artist BNE’s Work

By Matt Van Hoven 

BNE, a graffiti artist known the world over for blanketing entire cities with his tags, is coming to New York for a showcase, with the help of Mother New York and culture blog Animal New York.

“There are a few reasons why BNE interests Mother. BNE has single-handedly created a globally recognized and valued brand in the new social economy. Bearing that BNE has no product to sell, it’s amazing that his presence in Flickr photo galleries and YouTube pages dwarfs that of many multi-nationals &#151 which, Mother being a creative agency and all, intrigues us to no end.”


Click here for a brief video.

“While in Japan, I suddenly realized that other graffiti writers weren’t my competition, it was corporations like Coca Cola,” said BNE. “Their ability to blanket the streets with advertisements is unparalleled, although it cost them a lot more than my campaign.”

The event will be held on Thursday, December 10 from 7-11 pm, but the venue isn’t being disclosed due to “concerns for BNE’s freedom.”

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