Mother/MPC Go Shakespearean for IKEA

By Patrick Coffee 

When we think of IKEA, our minds immediately recall all-day outings involving hour-long bus rides to Red Hook, crowded model apartments and the endless howling of toddlers, which can only be assuaged with $1 cinnamon buns and reliable taxi services.

Mother and MPC Advertising, however, turned to the Seventeenth Century poetry of The Tempest to provide some context for this otherworldly spot highlighting the many benefits of their client’s bedding products.

Award-winning MJZ director Juan Cabral helmed the latest chapter in IKEA’s “Wonderful Everyday” campaign, which involved hanging beds from cranes for three days in Johannesburg. On the CGI component:

“MPC’s VFX team collaborated with Juan and Mother, creating detailed matte paintings, adding CG beds and embellishments and compositing elements including the NASA rocket and plume. “

We liked it, but then we’ve always been suckers for footage of dogs in awkward situations.

Partial credits and another spot in the series after the jump.


Agency: Mother

Agency Producer: Mother

Creatives: Mother

Production Company: MJZ

Director: Juan Cabral

Production Company Producer: Stephen Johnson

DOP: Eric Gautier

Editor: Neil Smith @ Work Post


VFX Producer: Julie Evans

2D Creative Director: Bill McNamara

VFX Shoot Supervisor: Jim Radford

Grade: MPC

Colourist: Jean-Clément Soret