Mother Sells ‘Psychic T-Shirts’

By Bob Marshall 

This holiday season, Mother London is opting for something a little less “merry” and little more supernatural.

100 blank t-shirts were sent to LA-based psychic Lucinda Clare, a seer whose work has led her to crime-solving positions at U.S. police departments and the infamous Scotland Yard. Clare has (apparently) foretold the destinies of the t-shirts’ eventual wearers, with her predictions somehow displayed on the shirts once the wearers receive them. For the steep price of £100 (or approximately $156), those anxious about what 2012 has in store can purchase one of the shirts by number here, with 100% of proceeds being donated to Age UK, the UK’s largest charity for elderly people.


Before you decide your fortune is worth $156.00, there are some catches. First, the t-shirt must be selected only by number, as there is no size or color guide. If it doesn’t fit, does that mean it’s not meant for you? Second, if you order this thing before Friday, December 16, the shirt will arrive with an exclusive audio recording of Clare going in-depth about your individual fortune. Third, according to the announce, “A warning, though. One T-shirt is unavailable for sale. Miss Clare has refused to say what she saw when predicting this garment.” Finally, of course, there’s always that chance that fortune-telling isn’t, you know, “real.” But, if you’re too embarrassed to admit that you actually believe in this stuff, you can always tell your friends and co-workers you did it for charity, right?