Mother Picks Up HTC Global Biz (Updated)

By Kiran Aditham 

We’ve been hearing about it since the morn, and now we know it to be true. Following a review that started at the end of 2011, Mother has landed the gig as global agency for smartphone manufacturer HTC.  If you remember, HTC picked Deutsch LA to handle North American creative, media and digital nearly three years ago (here’s a reminder of said agency’s first work for the brand back in the fall of ’09).

The story goes, though, that rather than work with regional agencies on campaigns, HTC decided to look for a “single global brand idea.” Deutsch was in fact involved in the final pitch as was Saatchi & Saatchi’s American and Asian regional agencies, but Mother won out.


HTC’s VP, global marketing Greg Fisher says in a statement, “‘We have very big plans for 2012, and beyond, to drive the HTC brand consistently and with impact globally. We needed to find a creative partner to take this journey with us and to create a breakthrough global campaign framework we can extend across the world. A partner who understands our brand and who can transform the way we connect with our consumers. The partner is Mother and we are very excited at what the future will bring with them.”

Since Mother had already picked up the HTC EMEA account last August, the transition shouldn’t be too much of a shock to the system. As expected, the agency will handle traditional advertising, digital and retail for the brand.

Update: OK, now we’re just confused. Here’s an update from the HTC camp:

“HTC is in fact working with Mother London on an exciting new global campaign that will start launching around the world in a future campaign. They’ve served as the creative lead for this project. However, no changes are being made to their current creative agencies of record, including Deutsch LA. They’ve been a long-standing, valued agency for HTC and intend to maintain the relationship for the North America business.”

We’ll look into this more tomorrow.

Update 2: Ok, now we’re a little clearer. Sources familiar with the matter tell us that Mother’s role regards an upcoming global “campaign framework” for HTC. Deutsch LA still remains the North American AOR, global digital AOR and will be supporting this effort while Mother will lead it. The work will be initially coming out of Mother’s London office, though no timetable has been set as to when it will officially launch.