Mother N.Y. Combines Pizza, Apps and Sportscars to Get BuzzFeed’s Attention

By Patrick Coffee 

Are you ready to smell the future of advertising? We don’t know that you are!!PIZZA GIF

But first, have you heard of Push for Pizza? Well, why the fuck not?! It’s an app that allows you to order a pizza without exerting even the bare minimum in terms of cognitive and physical activity.

As this year-old Slate profile shows us, you don’t even have to log in to Seamless because the app works with the help of some existing software. You just choose the type of pizza you want, press the button, and the nearest provider will bring it to your door ASAP so you can get back to picking your nose, cleaning your bong or whatever the hell else you were doing in the first place.


Here’s what you NEED to know about Push for Pizza: the fundraising round preceding its launch last fall was led by Mother New York’s investment arm, Mother Ventures. The two parties are conducting a “college tour” to promote the now-well-funded project, and they made a video ad about it which became a BuzzFeed post today. OMG LOL, check it out.

The most important fact here is that the app’s founders will be traveling to the destinations on this tour in their “Lamborghizza.”

We like the dude smoking a blunt around 1:33, but there are many more fun things to discuss. First:

“Led by Mother Ventures, Mother New York’s investment arm, the app raised seed capital from multiple investors including Elite Daily founder Gerard Adams, former Tumblr President John Maloney, and Blue {Seed} Capital.”

Yes, that Elite Daily. From Susan Holden, managing director of Mother Ventures:

“I have a son in college and when I heard the concept it was obvious he’d love it. His generation hates ordering over the phone but wants great local pizza. Push for Pizza solves this problem while shaping the future of frictionless ordering.”

The tour, which started earlier this month, won’t quite hit every campus in America–it began in New Hampshire and ends in Florida in December. Also: “while on tour, founders Max Hellerstein and Cyrus Summerlin, will also speak to students about their experiences as young entrepreneurs.”

As BuzzFeed puts it:

“Holy. Shit. This was definitely not a waste of money.”

So the project is super fun–but shouldn’t these “college-aged founders” be, like, in college or something?

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