Mother London Puts on the Ritz

By Erik Oster 

Mother London launched a $15 million campaign for Ritz’s new Crisp and Thin line, featuring a broadcast spot and animated lyric video.

The colorful broadcast spot, set to Gregory Porter‘s rendition of “Putting on the Ritz,” shows a couple snacking on the new item in the subway and then spontaneously breaking into a dance. They continue dancing in subway car, down a flight of stairs, in a city park and at a pool hall. It’s not exactly revolutionary, but the choreography and art direction are spot on and make for a pleasant enough spot. The campaign seeks to capitalize on the lyric video trend with its version of the song, also released as a single on iTunes and in physical formats. It plays as an animated version of the broadcast spot, with an animated version of the couple dancing around the city and employs a similar color palette. The campaign also include OOH, digital, PR and in-store components.

“Ritz has 93% brand awareness yet we’ve not fully showcased its brand in its 80 years of baking history, said Ritz senior brand manager Kate Wall in a statement. “It’s time for consumers to see what Ritz is all about.”