More Work From TBWA & Arnell For Pepsi & Tropicana

By SuperSpy 

It’s sort of a TBWW/Pepsi kind of morning, because Matt is over there live blogging. You know, I could have post all the commercials in their high-def glory except that Pepsi, who has just released their vids for general consumption, has some cheap ass code. When attempting to embed, our site went down. Note to Pepsi: make sure your code works for all blogging platforms before sending it out.

Anyway, here’s some new print work for Tropicana that will be focusing on the family and the idea of “natural.” Apparently, they cast real live families for these spots. How sweet. UPDATE: Apologies. Let us make it clear that this work was created by Peter Arnell. Not TBWA.

The latest for Gatorade is above.