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By SuperSpy 

Everyone is chatting about Mullen these days. The Massachusetts shop is moving its 420 employees from its main headquarters in a historic manor house in Wenham (see above) to downtown Boston. AdWeek illuminated a tale about the agency’s mystery arsonist:

“In 1987, a suspicious fire destroyed Mullen’s Beverly offices and its subsequent HQ in Wenham was badly damaged just eight months later by another blaze. State investigators concluded that both fires likely resulted from arson, but no charges were ever filed. Jim Mullen later said his private investigators determined the fires had been accidental in origin.”


In the past year, the shop has also added a host of new positions and employees. They’ve hired a new Chief Strategy Officer, David Duncan, whom they stole from Leo Burnett. John Moore has also been named to the newly-created position of director of ideas and innovation. Also, Steve Calder was been promoted to the new position of Chief Media Officer.

The Interpublic shop also just got a new president for its Pittsburgh office in Brian Bronaugh who is reportedly shaking things up. First task according to a Pop City article? Nixing the PR office and creating a Consumer Engagement Department.

Dave Popelka, director of account planning said, “With the digital age, consumers can now create their own content, put on viral videos, blog. Consumers want to participate in this conversation. It’s something the entire industry continues to struggle and work to figure out.”

Just a note to Mullen: “Put on viral videos?” That statement shows a total lack of understanding of what a viral video actually is. Now, there’s a concept the entire industry struggles with.

Second task – creating a new creative division. Cool.

“Creativity is expected everywhere in the agency now,” says Mike Hoff, director of content, the new creative division.

And um… cliche of cliches: “To help bring employees together, a ping pong table moved into the offices in the Crane Building, too.”

Okay. We’re knocking the Pittsburgh office around a bit. Anyway, we’d don’t know much about Mullen’s culture, but we’re dying to find out. Email us at agencyspy at mediabistro dot com? Send an anon tip? IM – agencyspy?