Montague, Ryan Introduce Co:

By Kiran Aditham Comment

The secret’s out and now we know what Ty Montague and Rosemarie Ryan have been plotting for six months since they left JWT. The former co-presidents have launched a new “brand innovation studio” called Co:.

According to the announce, the peculiarly titled shop has the “ability to scale from a five to a 1500-plus person organization from inception, equipped to tackle problems and opportunities of any size and to partner with C-level executives at global marketers of scale to drive growth.”

Ryan and Montague are joined by chief strategy officer Neil Parker and BBH alum Richard Schatzberger as chief technology experience officer.

In a statement, Ryan says, “We call it a Brand Innovation Studio because we are taking our structural cues from the evolving entertainment industry–an industry built around a talent model that is much more fluid–the right talent is brought together at the right moment to get the right outcome. Co: knows what businesses need to innovate and grow, and just as importantly who to bring to the table to make it happen.”

Using what they dub a co-conspirator model, Co: has already aligned with various shops from Campfire to Naked to Victors & Spoils.

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