Monday Stir

By Doug Zanger 

-If you watched ESPN last night, you caught a new ad for the network’s app. It’s colorful, active and about as far a 180 as one can get from “This Is SportsCenter.” And the music, from up-and-coming artist Chika is very catchy, and you won’t be able to get this out of your head. While rapping about a brand can be corny, this actually works well. The creative comes from BSSP.

“We love the energy of the piece,” enthused Sinan Dagli, BBSP group creative director. “It’s a jolt of adrenaline for the brand, and captures the excitement and spontaneity we’re all chasing after.”

The Just for Men trolling of Rudy Giuliani was inevitable.


-Why brands are leaning on licensed products.

-How the Ad Council plans to persuade skeptics over Covid-19 vaccines.

-Industry experts reviewed the music in this year’s holiday ads.

-We don’t often cite Skift over here, but today, it seems relevant. Aaron Walton, CEO of Walton Isaacson, talked to Rob Rosenthal about how diversity fuels creativity.

-While most of us eat turkey this week, we over at AgencySpy appear to be eating a little crow today. Last Friday, in a fit of snark, we mentioned the Craft Beer Marketing Awards and its “Man of the Year” award. This week, we’ll learn about the CBMAS “Woman of the Year” and new categories including those that address the pandemic and positive accomplishments around human rights. We’re fine with the CBMAS getting a little schadenfreude here. We deserve it from time to time.