Monday Stir

By Erik Oster 

-Here is a nifty ad coming from DTC bamboo toothbrush brand Goodwell Co. Yes, it’s a cute little spot, but what makes it interesting is that it was created with a small army of volunteer creatives, including agency Undnyable in Portland, Ore.

It’s part of Open for Business, an initiative started by Portland agency CMD to help small businesses with their advertising during the pandemic. The mission is to connect brands with experienced storyteller volunteers to develop creative messages to remind people that they are, wait for it, open for business.


According to Darren Rankin, CMD president and CEO, in addition to the benevolence in helping businesses, it is a way to keep talent in the game.

Rankin noted that the program is designed for businesses up to $1.5 in revenue, though it’s only a guideline and not a hard, fast rule.

So far, 11 small businesses have taken advantage of the program, and close to 30 seek help. The easy-to-navigate site shows 21 content and media volunteers ready to help, with each company choosing who they’d like to work with.

“Our goal is to let people at the business pick the creatives and have them work together,” said Rankin. “The less that we can be involved, the bigger impact this can have.”

“We’re not doing this to benefit CMD,” added the agency’s ecd, John O’Connell. “It’s something that we feel like we put some muscle behind and get some brands some help. It also helps creatives with some downtime, and maybe they make some good connections with brands out there.”

Doritos says it is committing to amplifying Black voices, with a new “Do You Hear Us Now?” ad and donated media.

-Coca-Cola has paused its social media advertising for 30 days.

-Iconic graphic designer Milton Glaser died.

-Muse by Clio shared some favorite posters by Glaser.

Martin Sorrell discusses independent agencies, Black Lives Matter, diversity and payment terms, among other topics.

-Busch beer asks fans to record its jingle from the ’80s.